Reader Reviews

Best book I've ever read, and I've read a lot
Reviewer: A Woodward
This is an absolutely magnificent book, and one that I have already recommended to several people. I can only imagine being a woman with the resolve that Perpetua had, she is truly an inspiration. Even if you aren't the religious type, you will love how exquisitely written and compelling this book is. Amy Peterson has done a superb job. A must read, I was disappointed to not find it in my local library, but now grateful that I decided to buy a copy instead.

Excellent historical fiction
Reviewer: Megan
This is an excellent novel. It is truly a peek into that time period, based on real Christians in real situations. It is also very unique compared to some other Christian fiction out there, in that Amy Peterson truly allows the Spirit to speak through her characters. I think it could even be a wake up call to us who have never faced persecution for our faith. The plot is engaging and I have recommended it to numerous friends already!

Inside of a Roman Household as the First-Century Church Emerges!
Reviewer: Mike Rizzo
Reading "Perpetua" left me feeling like I had taken a literal trip back in time. The author's research was extensive and her well crafted writing ushers you right in to a Roman household - their day to day life, interactions in society, and how they thought about the new movement of Christianity. The characters are well developed and there is a good amount of action, danger, and suspense. So much so, that I hardly noticed the romantic elements :) Okay, this is a guy's point of view! In the end, I was inspired to be courageous in my own life, here and now in the 21st century. Perpetua's conversion, spiritual growth, trials, and ultimate surrender to God, are layered into a wonderfully written story. Even though you know the ending (martyrdom) the author leaves you guessing as to how she is going to portray it. All I can say is, you will feel like you're there!

Beautiful Tale of Love and Hope and Passion
Reviewer: Jessica Cabral
This book changed my life. It is a beautiful tale of Love and Hope and Passion. This is a book that will make you think and apply a new outlook to your life. I have never heard of a life so deeply entwined with the teachings of the Bible. The power of Perpetua's words vibrate through the pages and will never leave you.

Hope and charity to the reader...
Reviewer: Gerard Donnaker
Very, very well written and wholly inspired novel about St. Perpetua. Truly a fountain of faith, hope and charity to the reader - it compelling provides the beatific vision that led Perpetua and her fellow martyrs to have complete trust in the power of the Lord and His wonderful will for them all.

Beautiful and Life-Transforming
Reviewer: Jenn
This book is one of the most beautiful and impactful novels I have ever read. My children and I are studying Christian heroes and martyrs as part of their homeschool curriculum. I stumbled across this book, not to ready to them, but to read myself. It is a long book and it vividly weaves the story of Perpetua. At times I wasn't willing to read more than a chapter at at sitting, wanting to digest the spiritual truths that the author shares. It is historical fiction, based on the life of a woman who passionately loved Christ and was willing to give her life for Him. This book encouraged me to pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord and to study what the Bible has to say about suffering and persecution. I highly, highly recommend this book!

"I will treasure this book..."
Reviewer:  Heidi
Over a year ago i heard about Perpetua through a child's video. My husband and i were so impacted by her faith and life that when we found out we were pregnant with a little girl we decided to name her Perpetua Faith. Then we discovered this book online and i wasn't able to put it down. This is such a beautiful example of a life of faith, purity, and passion for Christ. I will treasure this book and give it to my daughter one day. Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture to remind us that to live is Christ and to die is gain. I pray that we may have that kind of forever, enduring faith. 

Reviewer:  Lauren
Thank you a MILLION times for this book. I stumbled upon it in the Moody library and realized it was exactly what I needed to read. I had little idea just how much it would impact me. I actually studied Latin in high school, so I loved the historical side to the book. I also recently got married, so I could identify with many of the feelings expressed through Perpetua's character. However, the most important thing I will walk away with is the challenge of living fully for Christ in a culture that is still very accepting of Christians. While our American atmosphere is quickly changing aganist Christianity, we need to recognize the importance of being zealous for our faith when we feel that those around us are simply apathetic. I am deeply challenged by the way Rachel Peterson embodied Perpetua's faith and humanity in this book, and will be forever changed by reading such a personal-feeling story of a martyr. THANK YOU.

Reviewer:  Jeri Massi
This book presents a real and vivid early church to readers. No waxwork figures here! The breadth and depth of the portrayal of life in those ancient times rivals the scope of classics like BEN-HUR and THE ROBE. At times the narrative bogs down a bit, but Perpetua's path to martyrdom challenges, enlightens, encourages, and awakens the Christian reader. You see a real person here, and by the end of the book, I found myself bringing my faith to God in prayer, wanting to be stronger in the cause of Christ. A truly worthy read!

Reviewer: Kimberly Luckabaugh (Fairfax VA)
This is, by far, the best book I have ever read! Every Christian should read it, esp. Christian women since it's written from a woman's vantange point. I also think it's an amazing book for those you would like to reach for Christ. My eyes have been open in a new way in my faith since reading this. I generally enjoy books like this, but none have made a difference like this in my life or walk with God. I have wondered recently how to love God with all my heart. This is the first time I have ever really felt the ability to do so. I can now look at Him with new eyes and a true love! Do not hesitate, get this book!

My all-time favorite novel!!
Reviewer: Lauren Fraser
Perpetua is not only the best historical novel I've read, it has deeply impacted my heart as well. I would encourage anyone to read it and be transported to a very different time, but be ready to be impacted for today's world as well. Thank you Amy for writing this book!!

Perpetua - STUNNING
Reviewer: Elizabeth Zion
Perpetua lived and died around A.D. 200, a disciple of the church father Tertullian and martyred by Hilarianus. She left to us her diaries. Keeping the historical elements completely intact, Amy has woven for you Perpetua's precious story. With piercing insight into the movements, triumphs, and even darkness of the human soul, she ushers you into the way of Perpetua's heart...the heart of a willing lover first, and then a willing martyr. Perpetua wrote while imprisoned, "the dungeon became to me as it were a palace, so that I preferred being there to being elsewhere." May Perpetua's story bring you companionship as you too long and wait for your Beloved alone, preparing your heart for all that lies ahead in this age and the one to come. I must add ~ Amy Rachel is, I daresay, one of the most stunning writers I have been privileged to read. My seemingly extreme endorsement is just that ~ you will be changed. Enjoy!

Amazing, life-changing,
Reviewer: Stefanie Schwinghoff
This book is the most amazing account of a love-story between Jesus and one of his Chosen ones. The willingness and surrender to Him that is portrayed and the real human struggle that takes place is at the same time encouraging, awe-inspiring and humbling. After reading this book, I want to know Him the way Perpetua did and moreso. This book will draw you in with its captivating writing and the timeless story it tells. And the Lord will use it to change your life.

Reviewer:  Nicole Morse
This book is awesome! I read it in two days, and now I'm reading it again. The main character really swept me away with the way she fell in love with Jesus. Such love is all consuming - almost going beyond faith. :)

Reviewer: Adrienne Goetz
This book is incredible. I have been reading it in the past three days and its like every aspect of my life that I have struggled with in being a believer, Perpetua struggles with in the book. I cannot wait until I meet her in heaven. Its an incredible book. If you decide to buy it put your seatbelt on and ask God to search your heart. It brings issues to light that will blow you away.

Reviewer: Cindy Verschay
Perpetua is an outstanding book in every aspect. It is impeccably written, historically accurate, but most of all - it is spiritually compelling in a profound way. I am forever changed by reading the story of Perpetua, and will never again view my faith or the calling of our Lord in the same manner. The author has taken spiritual truths and understanding to a deeper level, and communicated the message in a timeless manner. Thank you Relevant for bringing us Perpetua!

Reviewer: Shermaine Baker
Passionate and Compelling!!! Two words which barely suffice to explain the depth of awe I was in, as I read the words on the many pages of this novel. I was grateful for the small font and several pages, knowing that this exciting journey was not near to an end! From the first pages the reader is drawn into the life of the main character. In the journey from her conversion to her growth in the Lord I would find myself reevaluating my own relationship with times I felt such a deep holy envy at her experiences with Him that I was compelled to put the book aside and start praying and praising my King, my own Passion. If you want a greater hunger for the King, I implore you to buy this will not be disappointed.

Reviewer:  Mia Pedraza
BUY THIS BOOK! I loved it! It is probably the best book that I've ever read. I had gotten into a slump where I just couldn't get into anything I was trying to read. This book was soooo well written and relatable that I couldn't put it down. This is an excellent book and I think that everyone should read it. It definitely made me think differently about suffering for Christ.

Reviewer:  Hannah Spangler
This may be one of the best books ever written.
It's amazing, not because of its general panache or feel, or for one specific thing. It's not like the classics that I'm usually prone to love. I read it on the heels of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises, and nothing was dulled. This book portrays a woman who loved God. Unlike most Christian fiction, it never goes into hokiness, and its a genuine love that one reads. It was inspiring, and life altering and I recommend it to to everyone.

Reviewer:  Mandy Gorman
I usually hate Fiction because I can't picture the imagery in my head......however Amy did a TREMENDOUS job with this book. I don't think I have ever had such vivid pictures in my head while reading a book. I don't read much, but there were times I would read 70 or 80 pages a night because I couldn't put it down. . .not to mention that I was balling my eyes out by the last chapters. This is a time in my life where I am going through uncertainty and having to deal with letting go and moving forward blindly and Perpetua was a way God spoke to me about those obstacles. An amazing woman who ever Christian should be educated about!

Reviewer:  Samuel Peterson
Awesome Book. Perpetua stands among other classic Christian fictional works such as The Pilgrim's Progress in that you can't read it without stopping to pray and with holy fear reevaluating the reason you are on earth. Make time to pray if you plan to read this book.

Reviewer:  Suzanna McDowell
I cannot recommend this book highly enough! This is a new horizon for Christian fiction: intelligent, beautiful, informed, and spiritually powerful. This book opened my eyes to new revelations about the church of the past and the mysteries of life and death walked out in the Spirit, as well as keeping my attention pinned to the story.

Reviewer:  "History addict, hopeless bookworm"
Deep, Heartfelt. This IS a deep book, bringing the legendary young martyr/noblewoman, Vivia Perpetua to life. Her spiritual journey--from a frivolous girl to a sensitive young woman deeply in love with God--is entangled with the merciless paganism and corruption of ancient Carthage. Now, as our own society--and the world--is being terrorized by murderers who slaughter innocents with their own deaths, and are proclaimed by violent activists as 'martyrs', PERPETUA offers a reminder: true martyrs never seek the deaths of others, longing instead to live and serve their Creator in Love.